Ana içeriğe atla


The winners of the 2021 Pritzker Prize were announced recently. French architects with the understanding of "reusing by transforming, not destroying" were deemed worthy of the award. With this trend that started after Aravena, the issue of reusing and the concern of architecture to create value come to the fore, especially in countries in need, at the point where architecture has reached. We went through a process that reminded the whole world that this concern is not unfounded, and we still do. It was felt in every household from macro scale to micro scale that people need flexible, sustainable spaces intertwined with nature. Advancing technology and all the realities of the digital world, on the other hand, have carried architecture to other points and continue to do so. What are the value priorities in architecture, and are they changing as this great chasm is growing day by day and the horizon is getting further and further away?
Heval Zeliha Yüksel discussed the subject of "Value Priorities in Architecture" in their own professional practice with Prof. Dr. Celal Abdi Güzer, Han Tümertekin and Murat Tabanlıoğlu.