Ana içeriğe atla


Based on the taken decisions at our university's congregation dated 01.09.2020;

Our faculty has decided to carry out the 2020-2021 Academic Year Fall Semester Undergraduate and Postgraduate Education with all its departments completely by distance education.

The lectures given by our faculty members via distance education will be recorded as in the previous semester and students will be able to follow the lectures.

Our faculty will be open to the use of our students and faculty members in a controlled manner in accordance with the precautions.

* In the context of the Presidential Circular dated 25.08.2020, our students will be able to access our faculty members and assistants as required by the pandemic conditions within the working hours to be determined by the faculty members and their assistants. However, our students will be able to interview online with our faculty members and assistants with administrative leave. *

The decisions taken by our management may vary in line with the positive or negative developments that the process will show.

We wish you a healthy and productive semester.

Best regards,

YTU Dean of Faculty of Architecture