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About Request for Additional Time for Students in the Thesis Stage or Freezing Registration Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic

Due to the pandemic in our country, students enrolled in graduate programs of the Graduate School of Natural and Applied Sciences can request one of the following options: "Request for Freeze Registration Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic" or "Additional Time Request for Graduate Students Registered to Programs with Thesis in Thesis Stage". Related rules and ways to apply are in the links below.
It is important to read the details carefully and follow the steps. Applications for registration freeze or additional time requests will start on March 8, 2021 and will end on April 22, 2021.
For detailed information; Cream-or- Thesis-A%C5%9Famas%C4%-What-Is-In-%C3%96%C4%9Our Students-i%C3%A7in-Annex-S%C3%BCre-Demand-Right%C4%B1nda